How do we do it at Gemini Technologies?

Like there is no one cure to a problem, there is no one Audio-video solution to a Home Theatre setup. We begin by understanding the ask of customers because we believe there is a lot more that goes behind to craft a perfect frame on the screen.
The look, the feel, the room and everything else needs to be carefully curated to design an experience because we understand it to be a theater, not a movie on a tabloid. As shared by the customers, the space is carefully studied to provide for appropriate lighting, abide by the basic science of acoustics, air ventilation, and design a look to deliver an experience. We at Gemini Technologies believe in bridging the gap between the director’s intent and its audience.


Why Gemini Technologies (USP)?

* Our passion is our profession.

* We are committed to our people, our customers and we believe in delivering nothing but the best. We study the requirements given by our customers including space, range, product preferences et al to provide a solution.

* Owner is THX Certified, CEDIA Graduate, Lutron Lighting Control Expert and Professional Audio Graduate. He has an in-depth knowledge of the vast range of products available in the market and constantly keeps the company updated and in tandem with the industry.


What is a Home theater?

A Home theater is your personalized theater, offering a much better quality and experience if compared with a commercial cinema experience. It allows you to transport in the world you choose.
Gemini Technologies specializes both in Residential and Professional projects with complete Audio & Video Integration. It customizes the entire project as per the requirements per customer to provide need-based solutions to perfection.



Home Cinema Design Workshop

Designing cinemas using standards based engineering calculations, rather than subjective guesswork to ensure a high standard of repeatable performance.


Residential Networking

Formalise and increase the IP networking knowledge. To understand the 7 layer OSI Model for residential network structure & setup and learn the functions of a consumer router in a wired environment and begin basic troubleshooting in a consumer level IP network.