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Customization is our Holy Book

With over 700 projects done including residential & commercial projects, we have maintained one specialty across i.e. customization.
This was a residential project executed in Delhi for a client who wanted his theatre in shades of one color. He ended up getting two theatres in the same house for himself and his brother.

We believe in excellence

We believe in creating the best home theatre experience for its not just a movie, it is an experience. It is incomplete without the perfect sound system, feel of the room, aesthetics, decor, perfect seating etc.

Easy to operate

In addition to your home theater surpassing performance expectations, it will also be very simple to operate. In case it's not, fret not because we believe in taking care of our valued customers at every step of the journey to the perfect home theatre experience.

Vision becoming Reality

We believe that the best part of your vision becoming reality is when you can share it with your loved ones. One where you get the best audio-video solution, better than you asked for! Our CEO is known for his expert advisory.

  • Who We Are?

    Gemini Technologies recognizes itself as a brand synonymous to authenticity, commitment and customer satisfaction. The brand has evolved out of the CEO, Mr. Bharat Gupta’s principles i.e. ‘Do not promise if you cannot deliver’. He honed his work ethics learning from his engineer father to build his company. Gemini Technologies has grown to be a one-stop Audio-Video solutions provider acing the entire gamut of home theatre.

    Gemini Technologies specializes both in Residential and Professional projects with complete Audio & Video Integration customized as per the requirements of the clients.

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Mr. Bharat Gupta

  " After understanding the ask of customers we believe there is a lot more that goes behind to craft a perfect home theatre experience. The look, the feel, the room and everything is carefully curated because we want to deliver an experience better than the commercial theatre..."

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What We Do ?

      On the basis of the customers’ ask and in tandem with the architect’s plan, we conceptualize and design their home theatre with all the components in consideration. Right from planning the seating layout, the equipment & its placement, size of the screen, acoustics, ...

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"Genuine, Professional, Candid, Courteous and Efficient is the experience that Gemini Technologies is guaranteed to provide. Providers of complete Home Theatre solutions, they understand customer's needs and provide cost effective solutions surpassing expectation. My friends and I are happy customers who stand by and vouch for Gemini Technologies and especially Bharat Gupta. All the best…"
Advocate, High Court, Gaurav Sarin, Delhi